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1 Book, 2 Book

There’s something different about my Amazon author page. 

Because of the excitement that bubbles through me whenever I think about my work with Writers Colony Press, I’m sure many of you have heard me mention that I’ve been working on another charity anthology. Until recently, things were pretty nebulous and I couldn’t say much.

This has changed; it pleases me. (Yes, you were intended to envision me steepling my fingers, cackling, and sitting on a throne-like office chair.)

I’m happy to officially announce my involvement with The Longest Night Watch, Volume 2.



Volume 1 (pictured above) features stories by celebrated authors like R.R. Virdi (Dragon Award finalist & author of The Grave Report and the upcoming Books of Winter series) and D.R. Perry (author of the Providence Paranormal College series). Volume 2 features these authors and many more, including me.

Who/What is The Longest Night Watch?

The Longest Night Watch team is a crew of writers, editors, and other literary folks (like Sarah Anderson, our amazing cover artist) who came together in memory of literary legend Sir Terry Pratchett, who passed away from Alzheimer’s disease in 2015. This anthology benefits the Alzheimer’s Association; all proceeds go to helping them stop the horror that is Alzheimer’s disease.

My Contribution

While I absolutely adored my work with Stardust, Always, I didn’t really. . . do a lot. I wrote a poem and I helped with marketing and promotion, but I was finishing undergrad at the time and couldn’t get too crazy with the time I could volunteer.

When this opportunity came up, I was gainlessly unemployed. It was delightful. (Of course, I later got a job and moved 600 miles, but that’s a story I’ve already told.)

Anyway, I was able to do more.

  • Writing. My first published short story, “The Fringe Point,” will appear in this anthology. I’d categorize it as sci-fi with a dystopian garnish and and a hint of Joss Whedon, but then I’d sound like a cannibal. Essentially, a lady space captain tries not to slip down the narrow crack between loyalism and revolution.
  • Beta reading. I volunteered to read some stories and poems for flow and plot points. I loved working with the talented authors and poets whose work this anthology showcases.
  • Promotion. Again, I wanted to use my Tweet-fu for the powers of good.
  • Editing. This sort of fell into my lap. One of our editors had to abdicate her position, and I said, “Ooh! Pick me!” I’ve loved every second of weeding out rogue commas and helping authors find the perfect word to say what they mean. I really love editing, and hope I get to do more of it in the future.

Where/When You Can Get It

The Longest Night Watch, Volume 2 will be available in Kindle and paperback editions on Amazon.com. You can pre-order the Kindle Edition for $2.99 here, and hopefully the paperback will be linked with that soon. The official release day is October 20th, so be on the lookout for more news on release day events/giveaways/etc.

More info is coming, but I just couldn’t wait to share!