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Blastoff: Stardust, Always is Finally Out!

To borrow a line from Bowie, I’ve been “Freak[ing] out in a moonage daydream, oh yeah.”


As of today, Stardust, Always is available for Kindle, on paperback from Amazon with Prime shipping, and on paperback through CreateSpace. If you missed what all the hubbub is about, check out my previous posts here and here.

All proceeds from each type of sale go to St. Jude, but the dollar amounts will be different depending on which edition and retailer you choose. St. Jude will receive the most money from a CreateSpace purchase, followed by an Amazon purchase and then a Kindle purchase. The Kindle books are only $3.99, though, so they’re a great option for those of us on a budget. Any purchase definitely helps, as does using #StardustAlways on social media and telling your friends.

I hope you’ll consider grabbing a copy of Stardust, Always and checking out my poem, “The Metastatic Squatter,” along with works by other fantastically talented authors.