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Blastoff: Stardust, Always is Finally Out!

To borrow a line from Bowie, I’ve been “Freak[ing] out in a moonage daydream, oh yeah.”


As of today, Stardust, Always is available for Kindle, on paperback from Amazon with Prime shipping, and on paperback through CreateSpace. If you missed what all the hubbub is about, check out my previous posts here and here.

All proceeds from each type of sale go to St. Jude, but the dollar amounts will be different depending on which edition and retailer you choose. St. Jude will receive the most money from a CreateSpace purchase, followed by an Amazon purchase and then a Kindle purchase. The Kindle books are only $3.99, though, so they’re a great option for those of us on a budget. Any purchase definitely helps, as does using #StardustAlways on social media and telling your friends.

I hope you’ll consider grabbing a copy of Stardust, Always and checking out my poem, “The Metastatic Squatter,” along with works by other fantastically talented authors.


Stardust, Always: Coming June 5th

This, friends, is the story of how a poem I wrote, my bio, and a tiny picture of my face ended up in a book.


(Cover designed by the talented James Baldwin)

The Backstory

This, like every good story, begins with elephants, otters, and a great deal of hugging. (You think I’m joking, but the #hugsquad is not a laughing matter.) Let me explain. I’m in a writing group on Facebook, and while there are 23,000+ members, we’re remarkably close-knit. We have a lot of shared interests, from the obvious (books and writing) to the adorable (fuzzy animals) to the macabre (this is the only place I can go to ask all of my gross murder mystery questions without being judged). Many of us also share a love for the notable work of David Bowie and Alan Rickman.

2016 barged into our lives swinging a death-club. When cancer took Rickman and Bowie from us, we writers decided to fight back. With our lovely captains (thanks, Laura & Andrew!) leading the charge, we marched. We decided to create the anthology to benefit cancer research, and now we’re less than a month away from the release date! Scores of brilliant writers, beta readers, editors and other wonderful people came together, and the result is going to be beautiful.

Personal Impetus

Cancer runs rampant in my family. When I was asked why I got involved with the anthology, this was my response:

Stardust Always quote by me

(No, I don’t quote myself with tasteful graphics. Credit goes to Naomi D. Nakashima.)

My main inspiration for writing my poem, “The Metastatic Squatter,” is the lovely lady putting me in a headlock in this photo.


This is my sister, the woman in whose dainty footsteps I try –and fail–to walk (my feet are too big and she always notices me following her). She’s sweet, generous, a fantastic mother to my nieces, and makes a mean Thanksgiving turkey. She’s also currently fighting cancer.

People deal with the stress and hardship and fear of losing someone they love in different ways. I definitely haven’t been perfect at handling this, but one of my best coping mechanisms is writing. I wrote “The Metastatic Squatter” at 3 a.m. one morning. I couldn’t sleep because I was furious–furious–that something so evil would dare to mess with someone so good. All of that anger, frustration, and helplessness burned its way from my brain to my fingertips, and by 5 a.m., I had the beginnings of a poem. Cancer is a jerk, guys. A real jerk.

How You Can Help

I hope that my poem and the rest of the poems and stories in this anthology touch people’s lives. I pray that they will bring hope and healing to many, and it’s my wish that you’ll order a copy on June 5th. I’ll definitely post the link as soon as it goes live! Until then, you can assist by promoting the anthology. Help us make these Photoshopped pictures by the talented Andrew Barber a reality. Get the word out.

Share this post! Like us on Facebook, attend the virtual release party, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and use #StardustAlways to stir up a fuss. You can also check out my sister’s GoFundMe Page if you’re interested in helping someone RIGHT NOW. Doing any or all of things things is a great way to join the fight against one of humanity’s most formidable enemies.

UPDATE: Stardust, Always is now officially available for pre-order as an ebook. You can find it here or through my Amazon author page.